The KarmaVeer Puraskaar is the National Awards for innovative discoveries and Social activities organized by a specific group with various other organisations, people of the country and media supporters. The awards are a forum for people to initiate, share and provide solutions to various social-economic issues, right from poverty, discrimination, illiteracy, health care, unemployment, climate change, capitalism and so on.

These awards are given to acknowledge, motivate, encourage and provoke citizen’s action for social justice. In a world where people blame the uncertainties for their setbacks, some unsung heroes take the extra mile to convert their obstacles into opportunities. Among the past awardees who have been featured in documentaries and articles on leading media channels, it is a proud moment for us to recognize our founder and CEO of DDU Universe, Mr Lovelash Dutt have also received this honorable award for his excellence in the field of science discovery & work for social welfare by providing free technology education and many more. 

The KarmaVeer Chakra Award has been a milestone achievement for our organisation. It is high time that we thank the REX ideas for recognizing our effort and endeavor. We dedicate this award to all the science enthusiasts who dream to achieve relentlessly to make a difference in society. We tend to see this award as a remembrance to be a responsible citizen and keep our stride of motivation up and running.

The picture here doesn’t simply possess framed photos of achievements. It holds the accolades of a person’s recognition and talent in the field of science and technology. These are the displays of glory by Mr Lovelash Dutt, founder and CEO of DDU Universe. The first and second from the left is a “Smart cane” and “Smart bin” respectively. These are the inventions that fetched him these awards and made him a laureate. 

“Smart cane” is specifically designed to assist the elderly and blind people to make their everyday life effortless.”Smart bins” act as an incredible solution to the waste management crisis. A spotless invention like these can never go unnoticed. This got his name in various other record books which is what exhibited in the picture.

The third frame from left is the “Asia Book of Records”. The first frame from right is the “World Book of Records”, his highest achievement. The second and third from the right is “National Excellence Award” and the “India Book of Records”. All these honours got him the spotlight he deserved in the field of science and technology.