It is a 3.4 cm Cube Satellite (Femto category), weighing 14.30 grams (including the plastic cube provided by CiS) Its structure is fully 3D printed with reinforced carbon fiber polymer in which we will be using complex carbon fiber and ABS built with fusion deposition modeling 3D printer. Listed in INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS and patent application accepted.

A Pressure sensor, temperature, sunlight, soil sample moisture, humidity sensor, an accelerometer , which are all connected to a controller interface. It also will contain an “Indian soil sample” which will measure the soil changes in outer space.

DUTT Sat, is named Lovelash Dutt, Founder & C.E.O of DDU UNIVERSE and a commerce student who developed this sat without any professional degree education. This is to encourage the student community into space research and explore more avenues in an economical manner. We are extremely excited and looking forward to the launch…

World’s Lightest and 1st ever 3D printed Satellite built by team DDU UNIVERSE (India).