Are you a space enthusiast and a lover of cosmoses and planets? Are you looking to start a career in space?

If you had answered “Yes” DDU Universe will be the launchpad for your career rocket.

DDU Universe is one of the best aerospace companies in India. It is an e-Learning startup which emphasizes space exploration, robotics and other scientific researches. It was formed by world record holder Lovelash Dutt in 2018. A proficient Entrepreneur whose main attribute is to educate school and college students, the mind blowing explorations done in the field of science and technology. DDU Universe engages the student with gripping studying modules and assuring plausible explanations.

Some of the notable achievements of DDU Universe and Mr Lovelash Dutt are the “Smart bins” which fetched his name in the World book of records along with “Stun gun”, “Smart cane”, “Smart watch”, “Smart bag” and so on. The largest achievement is significantly the smallest of them all. DUTTSAT-A, lightest and smallest femto satellite listed in India Book of records created a massive impact in the field of research and development.

DDU Universe offers a dream-series of workshops which educate young minds and inspire them to explore their fantasies in the world of science.

Rocket Master Gyan class.
If rocket science is your niche, then an online course that boosts your enthusiasm like a spacecraft propulsion is all you need.

Junior Robot Gyan class.
If you are fascinated by the intriguing features of robots and its functions then why do you delay in registering for Robot Gyan class that centralizes in basics of robotics.

Cubesat gyan class.
A significant opportunity to get hands on knowledge on the creation of cube sat by the creator himself.

DDU Universe has got all the solutions for your eagerness in the field of science. Get ready to explore the wilderness of science and technology to upscale your minds with astounding facts.