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The Tale of DDU Universe


It all started in the year 2018. There was an idea that had the vision to nurture and spread the wisdom and knowledge acquired in the field of science and technology to as many earnest minds as possible. The formation of the startup was led by Mr Lovelash Dutt and was rigid to his goal which is to inspire and educate students uniquely and rationally so that when they face the world thirsty for new scientific invention, they explore and quench its thirst with crucial innovations.


Aim of our organisation


 Without a destination our path becomes meaningless. As an e-learning startup, we have a huge responsibility on our shoulders which is to guide our students with the utmost care and teach them the eccentric factual of science in the most engaging manner. We aim to eradicate the myths and seek to inculcate a new method of teaching that would deliver glorious results and help our results face the challenges posed ahead. There is always fascination and enthusiasm in science. One must find out a procedure to enjoy the learning process. 

Our captain 

Lovelash Dutt

Lovelash Dutt

Founder & C.E.O

A proficient Entrepreneur whose main attribute is to educate school and college students the breathtaking explorations made in the field of science and technology.

Knowledge is a treasure scattered all over the universe and DDU Universe helps to trace out those treasures and render a glorious career to young minds. His main virtue is to pass on the chain of knowledge he has developed. He is honor with WORLD RECORD, ASIA & INDIA BOOKS OF RECORDS many times. NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD for outstanding contribution in Innovation and technology.

Timely basis orgenised seminars in colleges, educates underprivileged students and enlightens them in the field of science and technology, thus sowing seeds of knowledge that can be reaped by his acolytes.


Dr .Omprakash Sahu

Dr .Omprakash Sahu


Professor in Department of Petroleum Engineering, UIE Chandigarh University, With this impression he have more than 180 Publications in journal and Conference, 02 Book, 05 Patent


Komal Rohilla

Komal Rohilla

Marketing Intern

Strong marketing professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration